Settlement Agents: Aren’t They All the Same?

What does your settlement agent do, and does it matter who you use? The simple answer is that the settlement agent coordinates the services of the Realtor, lender, homeowner’s insurance agent, surveyor, appraiser, seller’s settlement agent, and numerous others to ensure that your closing occurs when you expect it to, and without any problems.  Sounds Read more

Top 10 Reasons Not To…

Ron’s Top 10 Reasons Not To: Close on the Day You Plan to Move or The Last Day of the Month or The Last Friday of the Month 10) You discover a walk-thru item the morning of closing, but the Seller can’t be reached to negotiate a remedy. 9) Seller’s settlement agent doesn’t receive executed Read more

Selling Title Insurance

Trying to sell a nebulous product like title insurance can be frustrating.  What is it?  How frequent are title claims?  What percent of the premium actually pays for claims?  Why do I need it if you searched the title? I’ve answered these questions many times, but never quite as well as Michael B. Pryor who Read more